Social networks are a leader’s game (part 2: LinkedIn and Twitter)

Is there a full optional social network? Probably not, and that’s not necessarily bad.

Each platform, in its own way, will offer you unique opportunities to build your online reputation, to make yourself known and to intercept job opportunities.

In the previous article, we talked about the ABC of Facebook and Instagram, but we certainly could not leave out LinkedIn and Twitter.

One is the social “professional” par excellence, the other is the place where everything happens in real-time and where everyone has a voice, provided they can speak in synthetic form.

How to use them for business? Here are some ideas.

LinkedIn добавила функцию аудиозаписи имени в профиле |


With 546 million subscribers (as of March 2018), in the five years since its inception, this platform has become the largest  professional network in the world. Big size, big confusion: LinkedIn is perhaps the social network that generates more doubts about its correct use.

To start…

It may seem obvious, but many do not: it is essential that you take care of your personal profile, enriching it with information on studies and work experience, with an updated curriculum and lists of skills.

Create your own network by connecting to three categories of people: those you already know, those you would like to meet and those you should know.

Confirm the skills of the people you have worked with in the past (there is an ad hoc feature): this will make it easier for them to return the favor, guaranteeing you a set of references.

The mistake not to make

Invite complete strangers and people who have nothing to do with your job aspirations, just to make volume, is a dispersive work and makes you appear not very selective: better go in search of former colleagues, fellow students and professionals who work in areas of your interest, perhaps associating a sentence written in your hand to the standard invitation.

The winning idea

The free version of LinkedIn itself is a great showcase, but depending on your needs you may want to consider one of the subscription options. The premium versions have some undeniable advantages: they allow you to contact recruiters directly, to have greater visibility during a job application, to know who has visited your profile in the last 90 days and to access video courses.


About 330 million people and companies usually communicate in the space of a “chirp”. Twitter’s numbers are lower than those of other social networks, but on the other hand, this platform has been able to create unique ways of language and interaction.

Although the 140 character limit has recently been raised to 280, Twitter is and always will be the place of immediacy and communication in pills. A space that rewards those with content, intuition and communication skills.

How to Search Your Twitter History and Why It Matters | Sprout Social

To start…

Generate your profile with a nice photo and a short bio. Then you start building your network by choosing who to follow (that is, becoming a Follower). Begin to introduce yourself by commenting on the tweets that interest you and the most popular . Take advantage of the tools available: use hashtags so that anyone can find the post in which it is contained, the cartoon symbol to add a comment, the retweet icon to publish the messages of others on your profile by automatically citing the author, the at-sign (@) to involve users or brands in a conversation, the little heart to express consent.

The mistake not to make

Don’t arrive late and don’t be obvious: timing on Twitter is important, but so is knowing how to choose brilliant words to condense into short punchy sentences.

The winning idea

Abandon the obsession with gaining followers: to find job opportunities it is more important to monitor strategic profiles. Create lists of influencers – it will be up to you to make them public or keep them private – segmenting by topic or sector and follow these profiles regularly, without forgetting to interact with comments and mentions.

Are you ready to go? The world of social media applied to business now has no more secrets.

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