Social networks are a leader’s game (part 1: Facebook and Instagram)

Born for fun, social networks have become a very serious business.

More than ten years after the debut of Facebook, social networks have proven that they are not just a technological phenomenon, but an overwhelming force capable of transforming society.

Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is now the virtual meeting place for billions of users; Instagram is the photographic story of ordinary people, bloggers, artists, but also the glamor showcase of brands; Twitter captures the fleeting moment and makes thoughts travel in “pills”; LinkedIn brings together job supply and demand like no other tool has ever been able to do.

A power to master: are you really capable of juggling profiles, groups, links, comments, text content, images and videos? As you can imagine, each platform has its own rules. By mastering them, you can use social media to discover trends and find sources of inspiration, to showcase your ideas and your projects, to find useful contacts for your career or potential investors.

With a golden rule, valid for everyone: when it comes to work, social networks must be taken very seriously.

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It is the social network par excellence, the most widespread. Pages and Groups can help you showcase your skills , your business idea or the work you do. An optimal channel to emerge as a professional? Not always: personal profiles are also under the lens of recruiters and companies, and this represents both a risk and an opportunity at the same time. One post too many or a picture bordering on informal can affect your online reputation.

To begin …

If you need to create a Business Page, the first step is choosing the name: it should be original, but above all centered on the idea. Immediately enrich this space of images, generate traffic with regular updates, use hashtags (useful for appearing on the search engine within the platform), share ideas and questions, respond to comments. Follow the companies that interest you: it may happen to intercept some job offers.

The mistake not to make

Shaken by recent privacy debates, Facebook is moving in the direction of giving its subscribers greater control over personal data and the visibility of published content. If you have a private profile, pay attention to the privacy variables available in the settings: you can choose to make posts visible only to your contacts, friends of friends or everyone, including Boss. Remembering that maximum visibility is not necessarily always the best option.

The winning idea

Ride the phenomenon of the moment: to start a live video (Facebook Live) you just need a smartphone and something interesting to show. It can be the excerpt of a sector conference, your speech or the launch of the new product signed by your startup. In general, multimedia content works well on social media, while the live format is ideal for creating a sense of participation.


We live in the era of the image and Instagram, with its 800 million subscribers, is a perfect mirror of the times. It can be transformed into a photo album and personal diary, but also into a showcase for those offering clothing, accessories, travel, cosmetics and services, so much so that today there are over eight million business profiles on this platform.

To start…

Do you have a business? Through Instagram you can recruit the so-called “ influencers ”, which is the highest followed profiles, looking for those closest to your professional sector and useful for promoting your brand. Attention also to the content to post: according to your budget and the target to hit you can choose whether to focus only on simple images or even on videos, on the carousel format clips that slide dynamically) and on Stories (snack contents that remain visible for 24 hours).

If you are a manager always on the market, on the other hand, follow the profiles of the companies of your interest: you will learn a lot about their corporate culture.

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The mistake not to make

The hashtag is not an accessory: it is a strategy. No random formulas: take some time to explore the trending hashtags and come up with new ones, which will become your personal “label” and help you to be found.

The winning idea

Anyone who owns a brand, or manages one, will be happy to know that Instagram can boost sales. With the Shopping function, you can add “tags” to the images that refer to product descriptions, prices or e-commerce sites. You can tag up to five products on each photo or up to twenty on each carousel.

Facebook and Instagram are only part of the social universe. Twitter and LinkedIn will open other doors for you.

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