Smart After Sales: a project work that has become a startup

When we meet him, Ruggero Baldi has just discussed the final project work of the International Flex EMBA.
A goal that, as for many before him, represents not only a point of arrival but also the springboard for a new adventure.

His is called Smart After Sales and aims to revolutionize the world of after-sales services in the B2B field through the cloud.
The platform makes innovative services introduced by digital transformation, with the aim of eliminating some of the typical problems encountered in the procurement of spare parts and after-sales assistance.
Suppliers make the database available online with all the information and services necessary for the management and maintenance of machinery, while the operators of industrial plants can order the necessary spare parts through Smart After Sales or plan a maintenance intervention.

A business idea that Ruggero had very clear in mind even before crossing the doors of the MIP. It was just when he started attending the EMBA that he had the desire to turn it into something concrete.

“I had already had this idea in mind for a while” – he continues, referring to his start-up – “And then it took me a lot of what I learned. The course and, above all, the opportunity for project work gave me the A ”

A winning combination of many years of professional experience and lessons learned in the classroom, both by teachers and corporate guests

Our After Sales Services Distinguishes Us From The Rest - Trishtha Industries Pvt. Ltd.

“I had been thinking about doing an MBA for years, but working and having two little girls I wouldn’t have made it. When I saw the International Flex EMBA of MIP, connected to the Politecnico, my university, I said to myself either now or never . ” – Ruggero explains to us.
However, in addition to the business cases and the hours spent on books, the added value of this experience were the people.
The participants, scattered around the world but close thanks to technology and the digital learning platform, have in fact created a close-knit group.
Distance, time zones and cultural differences have not represented an obstacle for the numerous group work but quite a great opportunity for growth.

Especially for Ruggero, who confesses: “I’ve always worked internationally, but it’s never easy to work with people who are on the other side of the world. Through group work we have become accustomed to collaborating remotely to prepare group papers. This experience has enriched me. ”

There are those who then saw potential partners in their classmates, choosing them to do the project work. He tells us: “I have many colleagues who are doing group work. From what could arise, I have seen some beautiful synergies “.
him Who knows, as happened other times among these banks, successful businesses will not arise!

Before saying goodbye, we just have to ask him to give some advice to those who, like him, have an entrepreneurial dream in the drawer.
The answer is surprisingly simple: “You have to throw yourself into it”. Then he continues: “If I hadn’t done the master, I wouldn’t have made it. Once you see other cases, you understand that it is not that complicated, that you have to do your part… “. With these words Ruggero closes our meeting and, looking at him, it is clear that he cannot wait to continue the adventure.

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